Teething Flashcards

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Bella Tunno's Teething Flashcards are the perfect solution for parents looking for a fun and educational way to soothe their teething baby. These flashcards are uniquely designed to provide relief for sore gums while also stimulating your baby's developing senses.

Made from 100% food-grade silicone, these teething flashcards are entirely safe for your baby to chew on. The bright and colorful designs also make them visually appealing, perfect for keeping your little one engaged and entertained.

Each set of Bella Tunno Teething Flashcards includes five different shapes, each with its own unique texture. These textures provide varying degrees of relief for your baby's aching gums, ensuring that they can find the perfect spot to soothe their discomfort.

Incorporating these teething flashcards into your daily routine can help your baby develop their cognitive and motor skills, making them an excellent investment in your child's overall development. So don't hesitate, give your baby the gift of relief and stimulation with Bella Tunno's Teething Flashcards.