About Us & FAQ

Hello, I am Brittany!

I'm an Entrepreneur, a Mom to Arlo and a wife to Tony, who I am pretty sure is the most perfect person on Earth to compliment my personality. I love supporting small shops and restaurants and I love to talk to you about the things I find!
When I was growing up my Mom owned a children's clothing boutique. It started with her dressing me up in outfit she created and as I grew up, it turned into going with her to markets and helping her run her store. I learned how to put customers first, build a brand, go to the mart and buy garments for upcoming seasons, etc. I was a young girl experiencing so much yet I was really unaware of all I was taking in.

Fast forward through design school and some great career experience, I met my husband and we had our son. As exciting as baby shopping was, I never felt like I could find clothes that represented our style. I realized that popular clothing companies were using chemicals & dyes that were harmful on babies skin and the factories that were producing these clothes were using child labor or unfair working conditions for employees. This is when I realized I wanted to make a change.

I was able to find suppliers that have standards in their warehouses and have fair working conditions that focus on ergonomics. I found suppliers that choose not to use harmful chemicals in their fabrics or production lines and most importantly - I found what I love. I can truly say I am humbled with the community support and the strength and drive my family has given me.

Fun Fact:
My husband and I found out Arlo was going to be a boy at 8 weeks pregnant. I kept it a secret until my baby shower at 7.5 months pregnant because I did not want people to buy us boy clothes or blue things. I wanted everything to match my house.


What if I see something I want but the size is not available? 
Head over to our contact us page and submit a request! In most cases, we can make it in the size you need - either way we will reach out with what we can do!

I'd love to orders something custom, how can I do that?
We love custom orders! Fill out our form on the Contact Us Page and we'll get in touch with you within 24 hours to discuss what we can do for you! 

How long does it take to receive my order?
I work to fulfill all orders within 3-5 days, however items that need to be handmade do take up to 5-7 business days. We ship using USPS and depending on the priority level of shipping chosen, the items will be shipped according to that rate. All orders will received a tracking number to follow your order. 

Can I shop your store in person or only online?
We are located as smaller shops in side these three locations. We also do markets throughout the year. Follow us on social media for the upcoming shows!
  • The Rustic Fox, North Aurora, IL 
  • Trend+Relic, St. Charles, IL 
  • Wild Orchid, Elbrun, IL